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    Unanswered: Passing parameter from Unix to Oracle SQL

    Hi, I'm trying to pass schema name as parameter to SQL from unix script. I have two code snippets that are working and would like to understand the best practise. The following are the snippets

    @test.sql $schema_name

    1. select * from "&1".table_name
    - I face an issue when schema name is passed in lowercase letters, but works fine when passed in uppercase. Not sure of what is causing this.

    2. select * from &1..table_name
    - This code works even if schema name is passed in lowercase.

    Please suggest me if any other alternatives, i'm using korn shell and oracle 11G.

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    SQL must be known & fixed at compile time.
    in order to have table name as variable you must use EXECUTE IMMEDIATE
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    Hi, the second code looks correct - and as you state it "works" I have no idea which "alternative" solution are you looking for. I see none without change of that script call; but it is impossible to deduce from this snippet, whether it would made sense.

    For understanding of its behaviour, you should consult it in the documentation. For Oracle, it is available in large set of books e.g. online on
    You may be interested in SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference and SQL Language Reference ones.
    For 11gR2, relevant chapters are placed here:
    About running script in SQL*Plus including passing parameters:
    About using SQL*Plus substitution variables:
    About object naming rules in SQL language:
    Enjoy the reading.

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    Oracle stores object as uppercase by default. If you surround a string with double quotes, it does not convert to uppercase. The string "myschema".file will look for myschema.FILE

    The string myschema.file will look for MYSCHEMA.FILE
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