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    Unanswered: Manual/Automatic Maintenance Tasks

    Guys, part of the DB2s I'm responsible of are configured to run tasks for Reorgs and Runstats. It's OK, they are fine this way, the tasks run OK and they meet the purpose they were created for.

    Recently I needed to change two of my servers, and I decided to leave the maintenance configuration as follows:

    Automatic maintenance (AUTO_MAINT) = ON
    Automatic database backup (AUTO_DB_BACKUP) = OFF
    Automatic table maintenance (AUTO_TBL_MAINT) = ON
    Automatic runstats (AUTO_RUNSTATS) = ON
    Automatic statement statistics (AUTO_STMT_STATS) = ON
    Automatic statistics profiling (AUTO_STATS_PROF) = OFF
    Automatic profile updates (AUTO_PROF_UPD) = OFF
    Automatic reorganization (AUTO_REORG) = ON

    Now that I'm revising the tasks, I ask you: do I still need to run tasks on Reorg and Runstats, or does the DB will take care of these for me?


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    what you control yourself, it is always better
    if autom.maint. it will run in a pre-defined maint.window (default 0-24hrs)
    if you have a script - continue to use the script and decide which table, when needs runstats and reorg..
    auto might be good for dev-env. but not for acc or prd..
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    It only does online maintenance of the tables(in which indexes are not rebuilt).
    For that purpose you have to manually perform offline reorg.

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    Thanks guys. Will do ;-)

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    Hi all,

    I already configured tasks for REORG and RUNSTATS on the main tables, at least the tables with indexes, as follows:

    reorg indexes all for table SIEM.PJ_TRAN;

    runstats on table SIEMTR.PJ_TRAN with distribution and detailed indexes all allow read access;

    REORG happens once a week, sundays at night.
    RUNSTATS every day also late at night.

    Is there any problem or conflict if I leave the Automatic Maintenance configured as in my first post above along with the new tasks?

    If so, what options of the Automatic Maintenance should I keep ON to work with the new tasks? (or maybe none?)


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