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    Database Design for Business Forms

    I need help this is actually a school assignment but I'm really having a problem wrapping my head around it. Our school has all of these different forms (example: Payroll Voucher)... We are supposed to come up w/ a database that allows for us to put all of these forms online rather than in print.

    The example form 'payroll voucher' includes attribues such as
    employee name
    employee id
    account number
    hours worked
    overtime hours
    job titles
    job code
    budget signature/date
    vp signature/date

    How could I implement this (normalized) into a database...

    I have to do it with a bunch of different forms but if I had help with one that would probably be enough. My issue is coming with the normalization, I could create an entity called 'PayrollVoucherForm' with all the attributes...

    I figure I need my
    for starters

    Other entities/tables might be


    or something

    My problem I guess is in the whole signature part... Since the form has to be approved by someone I don't see how I'm supposed to properly split it up. This form might be a bad example, some of the others are for a pay raise request or something... so that would update the salary field wherever i had that WHEN it is approved...

    Any help?
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