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    Question Unanswered: Converting MS Access 2002/2003 to MS Access 2010

    Our business is currently going through the beginning stages of converting to Windows 7, and the MS Office Suite 2010. So we will no longer have access to the MS Access 2002/2003 products.

    As a developer of these applications, they are wanting me to test these applications/databases I've created on a Windows 7 VPN.

    I've used MS Access 2010 during an 11-week course a couple years ago, I haven't used it since. I trust the members here as a reliable resource and wanted to know if anyone here has had to go through this conversion process?

    How easy is it to convert the old databases to the newer format? I know there is a tool in the 2002 version (and probably 2003) to convert the database to an older version. Is it possible in the 2010 version to convert the 2002/2003 versions to the updated one?

    Also, if you do convert (let's say you can't automatically convert it), how much code rewriting needs to be done?

    I've probably asked too many questions... but any information that can be provided on this topic will help me out immensely and my team of developers.

    Thank you!
    - Ari

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    Welcome aboard! I'm engaged in the same process since September 2011. Unfortunately there is no easy answer to your question. It depends on how complex the original database is, whether it's a "plain Access" application or it uses a lot or VBA (possibly with API calls).

    Basically there are 3 cases:

    1. You open a database in the 2002-2003 format (.mdb) with Access 2010 and it works as usual (Access 2010 can work with this format without conversion). End of story.

    2. You open a database in the 2002-2003 format (.mdb) with Access 2010 and (almost) everything seems broken: the project does not compile, forms do not open, queries do not run... etc. This is usually rather easy to fix, although if you have custom menus/command bars/toolbars in your application you have a lot of work ahead (I'm not even there yet).

    3. You open a database in the 2002-2003 format (.mdb) with Access 2010 and everything seems working as usual but some subtle errors occur (sometimes not so subtle). This is the worst case and you can spend days (or nights!) trying to figure out what's wrong. Fortunately this situation does not happen very often.

    From my own exeprience so far, I would say:
    - Case 1: 80%
    - Case 2: 15%
    - Case 3: 5%

    An excellent source of information (apart from MSDN) is: Microsoft Access tips: Converting to Access 2007
    Have a nice day!

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