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    Unanswered: Trouble after adding field / table to existing SQL db


    To start with, I am no whiz with databases, particularly with SQL, but have to work with an SQL db in this case.
    I have an SQL db back-end, and doing most of my data manipulation through an Access 2010 front-end. Using MS SQL Studio 2005 to manage the back-end.

    The database has been behaving nicely until I did the following:
    - added a new text field (using vchar data type) to an existing table (let's say "Table1")
    - added a whole new table ("Table2")

    The issues I have are:
    1) in Access I can view these two tables, both Data view and Design view, but cannot filter or sort on either of them (and previously Table 1 was behaving just fine).
    2) an Access form (and the associated queries) that used to show me a selection of Table 1 now does not show me any records

    In both cases 1) and 2) I get the error "ODBC connection to SQL Server.... failed". But the fact that I can open the Data view and Design view suggests that the connection has not failed, and that there is some other underlying reason.
    I can use SQL Studio to open both tables, filter, sort etc. Just not through Access. I have obviously stuffed up something by adding the table/field, but having looked through the set up of the tables, fields in the database as it was provided to me, I can see no obvious difference in the field properties of the old and new tables/fields.

    any advice gratefully received!

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    crisis averted

    managed to sort my own problem out - at attempt at removing linked tables in Access, closing and re-opening Access and re-linking to SQL db has sorted this problem

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