My client has 5 different flavors of databases - Informix, MS SQL, MySQL, DB2 and Oracle.

DB Technology DB Version No. of servers No. of instances No. of databases
Informix 11.10, 9.40 20 24 556
MS SQL 2000, 2005, 2008 35 35 750
MySQL 5.0.x , 4.1.x 34 34 210
Oracle 9.2.x, 7.3.x 8 8 8
DB2 9.1.x 3 9 15

We are looking out for a common tool that can monitor (DB space, memory, services etc)and automate most of the DBA activities(eg. DB provisioning, DB export, restore, backups, start/stop, user management etc.).

Till now i have come across Grid app “Clarity” and Stratavia “Data Palette” but they do not support Informix.

There is open admin tool(open source) and server studio/sentinel (enterprise) specifically available for informix databases.

Any tool either open source or enterprise will do as long as it gives maximum automation of DBA activities and supports informix.