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    Unanswered: Restricting access to a DB in an isntance

    Hi I am running DB2 9.5 on zlinux server. I have five DB under one instance.

    I need to deactivate 3 DBs so that no one can connect to them. I can do that by revoking privileges but I want to keep the privileges intact because we need to use the DB in future.

    Is there a command like the deactivate db which will down the DB and no one will be able to connect it until I activate it again..

    I think the deactivate command doesn't work here because the db automatically starts when you connect to it.

    the purpose is that when the DB is activated it takes memory. We want the DB to stay down so the memory is available for the other DBs

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    May be you can try the clp command: quiesce db.

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    If you do not want the database to be used - an easy way is to uncatlog it ..

    db2 list db directory

    For your database you will have a line "local database directory" . Make a note of it.

    db2 uncatalog db <dbalias>

    When you want to make use of it again

    db2 catalog db <dbalias> on <local dir name>

    Quiesce works ... but if the connection id has super-user privilege, it gets through.
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