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    Question Unanswered: pgFouine: PostgreSQL Log Analyzer

    Hi all,

    One more question today

    I've installed pgFouine on my db postgresql 9 server, but when I'm trying to generate html report file from my csv log file I recived following error msg:

    pgFouine did not find any valid PostgreSQL log line in your log file:
    * check that PostgreSQL uses an english locale for logging (lc_messages in your postgresql.conf),
    * check that you use the -logtype option (syslog, stderr) according to your log file,
    * if you use syslog and log_line_prefix, check that your log_line_prefix has a trailing space,
    * if you use stderr, check that your log_line_prefix is of the form '%t [%p]: [%l-1] '.
    If you think your log file and your options are correct, please contact the author (gsmet on #postgresql@freenode or guillaume-pg at smet dot org).

    In my postgresql.conf I've got following configuration:

    log_line_prefix = ' %t %u %d '
    log_destination = 'csvlog'
    log_min_duration_statement = 10000
    log_statement = 'all'

    In documentation I found information about log_line_prefix parameter, that it should be set to 'user=%u,db=%d'

    Do you think that change will solve problem with genereting html report?
    Or should I set it to '%u %d'?

    I have found also informations that there might occure other problems with reading log from version 9 because of something at end of each line that wasn't generated in previous version od postgresql.

    Did anyone use pgFouine to analyze log in version 9 of postgresql?
    Is there any other known issues that might occure?

    Thank you for yours advices.

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    Pgfouine supports for log_destination parameter is "syslog" or "stderr". For generating pgfouine reports,please change below parameters in postgresql.conf file and restart the PostgreSQL Cluster.

    log_line_prefix = '%t [%p]: [%l-1] user=%u,db=%d '
    log_destination = 'stderr'
    redirect_stderr = on


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