Technology in the company:
Sharepoint 2010 Foundation Version
Access 2007
Windows XP to 7

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Is Sharepoint essentially a user friendly system of servers that takes information from a SQL server and allows it to be used and viewed via the internet? What is the difference between storing lists in Sharepoint Foundation and storing data in SQL to be used as linked tables in an Access front end app?

I've been working at refining my tables (lists on sharepoint) but have been on a huge learning curve between both Access and Sharepoint to understand how to properly layout a database and relational tables.

I am currently estimating how much data (ie fields and records) will be stored in the different tables as I am trying to understand the exactly size of the database that I would like to create.

Background on Project:

I am currently work on a project to develop our company's construction equipment maintenance program, which started out as just a couple of printable Excel reports and a manual describing maintenance procedures. I am not an IT professional but a civil engineer in training. We have an asset database that is oracle based, but the problem is that there where so many needs included into the focus of the database (ie accounting and other business data) that it essiential does alot of functions but doesn't do any of them well. Which has led our engineering department to look for a user friendly solution that can be designed and implemented with software we already own (Access and Sharepoint). I've been doing alot of homework on those two subjects. The data I am trying to store is not mission/business critical data. It's more about storing basic data, such as make, model, hours, etc. for all equipment involved employees to use. I am trying to avoid pitfalls of designing a database that is not flexible to expansion and therefore have abandoned use Access alone. Well then I found out we are trying Sharepoint 2010 Foundation to see if it has potenial use in our company about the same time I started looking into Access front end and SQL back end. One disadvantage I have is that we only have access 2007 installed on all computers and IT does not plan to upgarde anytime soon. I would like to used Access front end because I can understand and design the forms and queries needed.

Any input is welcome...