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    Unanswered: Cascading Filters and Sorts on Continuous Forms

    Hi all,

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    I’ve put together a quick database for tracking customer support calls. I’m trying to build in some filter and sorting capabilities. The database is attached as it’ll explain itself better than I can!
    Here’s what I need some advice on:

    1. Filter the continuous subform on all or just one of the criteria, likely on an afterupdate event. One is a simple combo box (requesting staff), the other combo box is simply “open” or “closed” (as a yes/no with hidden control on the form), and the final criteria is a date range.
    2. I’ve put a “clear” button (no code yet) that will clear all the selections, but wonder how I would add an <all> to the combo boxess.
    3. The Sort Order – should work whether or not the filter is applied. The default order is by date_rec, then req_id ( PK as an autonumber). I’d also like this sort to cascade, i.e. sort by option 1, then by option 2, etc.
    4. Data entry (on both main form and subform) should still be possible when the filter and sort is on.

    Are there any suggestions or example databases for a somewhat VBA challenged person?

    Thanks again.
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