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    Unanswered: Access 2003: Report detail spanning pages.

    First off, thanks for your time. I'm somewhat savvy to technology - not so much in making db's - but I haven't been able to identify how to get around this issue. I'll do my best to explain it succinctly:

    I have a personal db that I use for managing a rather large music database, including the following fields (all text fields):


    The report is grouped by Genre. Sort order is Group_Name, Year_Released, and Album_Name.

    Q: if an artist has enough records that it is necessary to span pages in the report, how do I have both the Genre and the artist display at the top of the new page?

    Example: The Rolling Stones have so many albums that the records span three pages. How do I go about making the Genre and Group_Name appear at the top of the page for each report page including their data?

    Thanks again for your time; it is much appreciated!

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    Solution found

    What I needed to do was to go to the actual group header properties and change the "Repeat Section" property to YES.

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