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    Lightbulb I need help creating a data base for a commodity trading company

    Vendors sell a product;
    Product is loaded in a container;
    Container is provided by a freight forwarder;
    Payment to the Vendor is sent when the container is loaded.

    This is pipeline inventory until it is sold to a customer.

    Customer buys a product,
    Customer has a final destination for the product. This destination can keep changing with each shipment. So one customer can have multiple destinations.
    Product has images, description, origin, and other details.

    Above was a scenario for international purchase and sale.

    Here is a scenario for a local purchase and sale.

    Vendor supplies product,
    upon approval, product is loaded
    material is then directly sold
    If not, it is sent to one of our 2 facilities, or is unloaded there

    Then it is sold to local customers at retail prices in unit qty.

    I cant figure out where to start such a database. Please guide me. I dont want someone to do this for me but I need some expert help.

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    This is a homework assignment, so If you want assistance with it you'll need to show us what you have come up with so far, and then ask a narrowly defined question.
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

    blindman "sqlblindman"

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