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    Smile Look into my design please.

    Hi every one,

    Thank you for looking into my thread.

    I want help, i have been trying to design this database for 3 months. reading books after book about design and concepts.

    Here is the Company activity:

    1) Company buys Tank to keep Liquid
    a. Tanks vary by their Shape, size and material made from.
    b. Tank are modified to suite for the use of the customer(Cost should be recorded)
    2) Customers asks for a tank
    3) Company delivers tank and fills the liquid for free first time. The company also makes sure the customer signs agreement and gives copy of his/her ID.
    4) Customer calls for refill.
    5) Company sends one of their deliver vehicles to refill it and charges the customer per liter for the agreed amount.
    6) Some customers do get discounts, and sometimes all the customers from X city do get discount too.
    7) Some customers do have their own Tank, so they just call us to refill and they pay it.
    Note: No rent is paid while the customer holds the tank, but they must order the liquid from us.

    Here is the Requirement:
    1) System should have a fast, easy, customer searchable from all fields. For example: customer named David, is from Liverpool and his number is 078465730. If I put the search box any part of his name or number or city should narrow it down from the list of customer.
    2) Should be able to check individual customer purchase history.
    3) Should be able to search all customers without any order between given dates.
    4) Should be able to search total orders by monthly.
    5) Should be able to search top ordered customers and top purchasing cities.
    6) If its easy, the system can be used as a network though out the office. Not: its not must but bonus.

    I hope you help me and I do appreciate your help.

    Thank you in advance
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    three months??? i would've fired you 10 weeks ago

    did you have a specific question?

    because it's unlikely anyone here will completely re-do all your work from the sounds-very-much-like-a-homework-assignment specifications you posted | @rudydotca
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    Smile Not an assignment

    Yes, i do have an specific Question.

    I want know if the Design is right, so i can go ahead and start developing it?
    I am also looking for any advice from those who develop similar systems on their daily basis?

    I was warned many times to double check the database relationship before you start using it. That is why i want help from an expert, so that i don't have to through my system sometime latter on.

    I can also assure you, this is not for an assignment but I want use it for my recently started company. I recently finished university and i don't think I learned a lot from it, so to develop a system will boost my skills and a test to my knowledge.

    Most of the systems I looked into do not suite my needs, so i decided to develop my own system.

    I just want little push and support, i hope someone can help.

    Thank you again

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    How many orders do you expect to fill in the first week, month, quarter, and year? What tools do you expect to use to develop your initial system? These questions indirectly effect your design because they indicate the amount of load the system will need to bear and that will give us important insight into whether you need an easy or a strict implementation at first.

    What kind of products do you sell? What market or markets do you expect to sell into? These answers will help us understand what legal /licensing restrictions you might have to accomodate.

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    My business is a seasonal business during its peak times, a week will probably be 105 to 150 orders. non peak times around 60-70 orders.

    I was planing to use MySQL with PHP, for an easy sharing and on-line publication.

    The type of product I sell makes it complicated, let me explain:

    I sell Mineral Water which are not sealed in bottles, instead my company buys Water Tanks, (which comes in different sizes and shapes. i.e: 200 lts and Vertical) we deliver it to our customers free of charge of course. The customers can keep the water tank as long as they continue to buy the water from our company. When their tank empties they call us and we send one of our vehicle to refill for them.

    Legal/licensing are the last thing i am worried right now, as i am in Africa. Legal systems don't function properly here. but if you mean about VAT's we record it separate.

    I hope someone will help.

    Thank you again

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