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    Question Management by objectives (MBOs) for DBAs?

    This is my first year having to deal with this kind of appraisal system. I thought surely someone else has had to fill out one of these in the past and could shed some light on how to go about this from a DBA specific point of view.

    1. MBOs, 3-5 DBA specific objectives to complete throughout the year that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time based.

    What are some examples you have had in the past that meets these requirements?
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    See....the REAL problem with objectives are, that maglement needs to present a clear vision on where you are suppose to be going

    That is rarely the case


    Make up some stuff.....

    Are these suppose to be all technical..or can they have fluff


    I plan to hold "Get to know you Lunch time meetings" to foster a more effective work environment...because people are just to freaking weird

    Or if it's technical... (what background do you have?)

    I plan to create a data warehouse of all employee related data


    I plan to surf the web all day so as to not piss anyone else off

    your choice

    It's usually useless

    Did you know, that generally, your "rating" is done prior to your "review" just doesn't matter

    ...ummm...but I digress

    good luck

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    I absolutely abhor this kind of "tie your own noose" management style.
    Make the absolute minimum objectives for yourself. You can set loftier goals, and then have your employer redirect your efforts to a task more important to them, and then get dinged on your review because you did not meet your goals. So, only set goals that you are actually currently achieving as part of your daily responsibilities.
    Like, "Will maintain 95% uptime for database servers."
    See what I did there? The goal achieves itself. Apply checkmark.
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    i think you naysayers missed the "smart" aspect of mbo ---

    time based

    set your objectives while following those 5 guidelines and it won't blow up in your faces | @rudydotca
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    Keeping with r937's restrictions, you could make your goals painful for them. How about:

    1) Take a bunch of classes on the latest version of $softwarepackage
    2) Get certified in $softwarepackage

    Bonus points, if your company does not even use $softwarepackage.

    For DBAs, where the day to day tasks are not terribly project specific, you may have to argue for some prototyping time, or testing of the latest version of the DBMS. It's not glorious work, but it is so much better to know what can go wrong, before some big C-level exec's project comes barreling at you.

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