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    Unanswered: Multiple select listbox on a Form / Place selections on Report(s) and Concatenate to

    Access 2007:
    I have a Form to enter data, feeding tables. The tables feed reports. Two Major problems (won't even go into the minor ones):

    Issue #1)On the Form (named "Permit Entry"), if the listbox (named Beverage Codes) Multi Select property is set to None, it will feed the single selection to my Table (named Permit List). However, if I change to Simple so that multiple selections can be made, it will not feed to the Permit List Table.

    I read on a forum about a concatenate code to place the info into the table, but it was over my head and below my knees (I am not a code gal, but I wish!) My other thought would be if it could query into a table that has each record# with multiple rows for each of the beverage codes selected.

    I do not know if it is beneficial to know this, but the Record Source for the list box shows: SELECT [Beverage Codes].ID, [Beverage Codes].[Beverage Code], [Beverage Codes].[Code Description] FROM [Beverage Codes] ORDER BY [Beverage Codes].[Beverage Code];

    Issue #2)I need the associated Code Description that they select on the Beverage Codes multiselect listbox to show on the Docket Judgment Report and Individual Docket Record Report (same reports just one will print the one record selected).
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