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    Unanswered: Multi Value Fields

    Hello All...

    I've read several posts related to this that basically say "Don't use them".

    I have several fields in my DB that can use multiple values, as well as a single value.

    Other then the Option for Mutli Value fields is there another way to do this?

    I have them set up this way currently but when I put the field on a report to print the information out so that I can enter it into our Billing System, I get multiple rows for the same record which has multiple values checked.

    The reason I chose this option is I have a table with all the values in it and the field as a Lookup inot that table so my users can check the options they want for that particular record when they enter a request for updating in our billing system.

    Apparently as I read on another post, this appears to be easy but isn't and one of hte biggest mistakes Access made.

    Any suggestions would be apprecatied. Thank you.

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    I figured out why it was printing multiple rows for each record with a multi value field.

    I had placed the field.value onto the report from the query whcih caused it and when I fixded that, I neglected to correct the Data Source on the report. Once i changed that back it was fine.

    So thanks anyway.

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