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    Unanswered: It's been a while since I've used Access and my boss wants me to start working in it

    Well here's the situation. I've successfully queried two tables together and now she wants me to change the one text word "H" to "House", but when I try to update it - Replace ([LEG_party],"H","House") I get nothing in return. When I update it - Replace ([LEG_party},"H","M") I get the M. I was just trying to test it to see if it replaced anything so I think it's got something to do with the length of the field but I'm not sure where to look for that sort of thing. The property sheet really doesn't have anything for me to work off of.

    I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

    Thank you!

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    OK da boss is a numpty
    I'd suggest you create another table, called say Leg_PartyTypes and establish a relationship between that table and your current one
    define H as House, O as Office or wahtever the Leg_Party is meant to represent in the Leg_PartyTypes
    make certain that you have all the pre exisitng values defiend then define a relationship

    I suspec tthe reason why you current attempts to change H to house are failign is that the data is stored as a single character text column. you could change the column width to say 10 characters and then run your update query again
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