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    Unanswered: SUM in REPORT FOOTER


    I have a database (attached with dummy data in it), which has two tables.

    The first table 'Crisis Calls Attended' is for recording client information such as contact details and details of thier health and the care they need.

    Our staff then go out on visits to care for the client, so I have a seperate table called 'Visits', which is linked to the main table via the "Log No" fields.

    They enter the date of the visit, plus how many hours and minutes they have been on site.

    I have created a form, with the visits form as a subform of it. This fsubform adds up the hours and minutes columns for each client and totals this into an HH:MM format.

    However, when I try to create a report that will total all visits for ALL records, I am unable to do so.

    I have two queries:

    1) Could someone please take a look at the attached database and let me know what I am doing wrong in the report?
    2) Can someone explain how come the total in the visits subform (within the main form) does not total up correctly unless I click into one of the fields, upon which the total box magically updates to the correct number?

    Thank you for your help.
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    summing date/time fields makes no logical sense (in terms of how compurters store date time values.

    what you could do is add up the elapsed time in the background. uyou don't 'have' to do everything in Access reports using the form designer. it has a pretty richly featured development environment of its own.
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    Sorry, I didn't explain it very well.

    For each visit, staff enter the number of hours they were there in a field which is formatted for "General Number", they also enter how many minutes they were there in a seperate field which is also formatted for "General Number".

    For the totals, I have a forumla that somebody online did for me, which adds them up and makes sense of how many hours worth of minutes there are, and just displays them as if it was HH:MM format, but it's not actually formatted as Date/Time.

    I tried date/time before, and had major problems with going over 24 hours/48 hours etc etc.

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    This has now been solved on another forum, but thank you for your time.

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