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    Unanswered: countif on column A * count in Column B

    Hi! I am attempting the following function:

    I have a row with two columns like this:

    Rating | Times climbed
    5.9 | 1
    5.10 | 5
    5.7 | 1
    5.10 | 2
    5.9 | 5

    The end result of what I want to do is to count the number of times I have climbed something of each rating. So I would have a cell totaling all the 5.9s that I have climbed (6 in this instance).

    I was attempting to use the countif function on the "rating" column, but I could not figure out how to multiply it by its corresponding "times climbed" column.

    Any suggestions would be great.

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    Rather than using COUNTIF, you need to use SUMIF.


    So that sums the values in column B if the corresponding values in column A are equal to 5.9.
    I've just written a pretty extensive tutorial on SUMIF on my blog.

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