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    Question Unanswered: Effect of Restore on Federation


    We have a database A on DB2 9.7 LUW which is federated with a Mainframe database. Also there is another database which is federated to this database A. We have to perform restore on A, what will be the impact on the federation ? Will the restore impact the existing restore ?

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    If you are restoring it to the same server for the same instance, then as long as there were no changes to the database catalog, the restore should not have any impact on federation. Now if there were any changes to the federation setup for database A that were made after the backup image that will be restored, then those will be lost.

    Also any changes made to the remote database that federates to Database A that were made after the backup will need to be checked out as they maybe invalid after the restore.

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    Will the restore impact the existing restore ?


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    Which database is the federated server and which the remote server? Andy explained the restore on the federated server. If you do a restore on the remote server, you will now see the old data if queried via the federated server. This also assumes that no schema changes were done, of course.
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