i have a report that was until now used for single record (master + details) printout, but now, it should be modified into a report, that is fed by a multiple records at once (to produce a single PDF printout).

Since data is prepared using querys, i have a problem how to put every master on a new page. Ok, so i use groups. But since i have no relations between querys (first query is populated with travel orders, second with details of those travel orders, the third one is populated with signatures, .... First one is master and all the others are details), this grouping only affects the master query, while the remaining details are still not filtered and are therefore printed all. Is there a way (i guess select expert formula is not an option, since it only directs whether the value is printed or not, while i need to print the appropriate details) to do this?

If i have TA1, TA2 and TA3 in the master query, and TA1 - detail1, TA1 - detail2, TA2 - detail5 and TA3 - detail12 in the second and TA1 - signatory1, TA2 - signatory6 and TA3 - signatory33 in the third query, i only want the first group to print the TA1 and its related details (detail1, detail2 and signatory1), on the second page TA2 + detail5 and signatory6 and for the last one TA3 + detail12 and signatory33. Can i do this from within the report? It's no problem to put the master key (TA code) into every detail query for the selection purpose.

I don't speak the .net + cr language, but have to solve this, since the person, who wrote the original program, isn't available anymore.

Any help would be much appreciated.