I've been working on a database for a client. It's purpose is to track Volunteers for a yearly event. When the Volunteers work an assigned shift, they are rewarded with a ticket. The tickets are like rewards and need to be tracked. I need to track Volunteers, Teams they are on, and comps they have received.
I'll make reports to show a schedule for each day with the volunteers listed for that shift. And I will also have reports to show how many tickets are needed/earned each shift or day.

Does anyone have any suggestions for creating this? I'm having trouble with the relationships of the tables. I'm using the template from Microsoft for a Student Database and modifying it. I basically want to use forms for the client to enter the volunteer information and then have some kind of way to assign the tickets and track them well. That assigning and tracking is the part I'm having trouble with.

I really appreciate any tips or examples.