I am creating a report to calculate what members of a sailing school owe on registration. It is based on a query. The query includes a few iff() statements (for example, " list_fee: IIF( [chkYard] = -1, 250, 50). [chkYard] is a table (yes/no) field based on a checkbox control. I want to chain a few such statement thus: aTotal: [list_fee] + [mem_fee] + [storage_fee]........ The other option is to list all calculations in a total which leads to VERY long statements (e.g. aTotal = IIF( [chkYard] = -1, 250, 50) + IIF( [chkMem] = -1, 50, 0) + .... ) The former seems to work, but I have a sneaking suspicion that such calculated fields based on calculated fields can be unstable. Any advice?


John S
Aylmer, Quebec, Canada