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    Unanswered: DB2 Automatic storage issue.

    I have a db running on 9.5 linux server.

    The issue we are have is that the default Table spaces created by the DB are places in the /home dir.

    Is there anyway to shift them to the other directory. These tablespaces are using automatic storage. the tablespaces are


    also can I just drop the tempspace 1 table space and create it somewhere else... without effecting the db??

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    Quote Originally Posted by junaid377 View Post
    Is there anyway to shift them to the other directory.
    Consider a redirected restore or use the db2relocatedb utility.

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    you can add another storage path. drop this storage path and do a rebalance of all the tablespaces. Temp tablespaces you can create it again in the new path and drop the old one. The drop storage path command does not drop it until all the user tablespaces are removed from that tablespace. After drop storage path do a rebalance and that path is removed after that.or simpler soln is redirected restore.
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