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    Unanswered: retrieve data from table to a label in a form


    I am need some dire help with the following error - I've never used VBA or access before, but i am doing for a project for work and I am teaching myself using google and your forums

    I have a table called "Table1" which contains various employee infromation some of of the columns are:

    Question Level Emp1 Emp2
    can you use MS Visio? Top 7 0
    can you use MS Visio? Middle 0 4
    can you use MS Visio? Junior 0 0

    So basically when the user signs in, they have a particular id assigned to their username (i.e. Emp1, Emp2, etc). When the user opens a form called "Form5", i am trying to build a SQL query to retrieve the above rating which is greater than zero and the corresponding Level from the above table to display in Form5 for that particular user.

    The code i have is:

    Option Compare Database

    Public EveryoneCanSeeMe1 As String

    ' ****the above public variable was created to retrieve the particular user profile (i.e. Emp1, Emp2, etc) from the Login Form.******

    Private Sub Form_Load()

    Me.Label90.Caption = Forms!Form1.EveryoneCanSeeMe1
    '******assigning the particular user profile to a label on this form

    Dim MyDB As DAO.Database
    Dim rst As DAO.Recordset
    Dim Str As String

    Set MyDB = CurrentDb()

    Str = "SELECT Table1.*" & _
    "FROM (Table1)" & _
    "WHERE (Table1.(" & Me.Label90.Caption & ")) > 0" & _
    "AND (Table1.Question= '" & Me.Label46.Caption & "')"
    ' *****Me.Label46.Caption is a label whose caption is "can you use MS Visio?"

    Set rst = MyDB.OpenRecordset(Str)
    Me.Label65.Caption = rst![Me.Label90.Caption]
    Me.Label67.Caption = rst![Level]

    End Sub

    If i ran this code (and assuming the user who signed in has a profile of Emp1), the code would need to retrieve
    Me.Label65.Caption = 7
    Me.Label67.Caption = Top

    But I've got almost every error possible from syntax error, field not found, etc. I've tried various combination of using parentheses/brackets, punctuations, etc - but it doesnt seem to work.
    If I were to replace Me.Label90.Caption in the above code to the actual Column name in the table, eg. Emp1, then the code works perfectly

    can you please help

    thanks in advance

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    Store it first into a variable.


    Dim sLabel90 As String
    sLabel90 = Me.Label90.Caption

    Set rst = MyDB.OpenRecordset(Str)
    Me.Label65.Caption = rst![sLabel90]
    Me.Label67.Caption = rst![Level]


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    Please rename your form controls (including any labels that you refer to in your code)!

    Imagine you or another developer comes back to this code in a week/month/years time; they're going to have to work out what Label90 is! If you gave it a more useful name such as lblUserName then your code becomes far easier to maintain.
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