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    What kind of database?

    Hi all,

    So I am completely new to databases. I used mySQL before for a website project, but my dad helped me out without and it was over an year ago, so I completely forgot. Anyways, I want to get back to using database for one of the groups I am part of at my university.

    So, at our university, we use a point system to issue tickets to certain sporting events. We hold events throughout the year, where we give them points and the highest pointgetters get the best seats. The way we have it right now, we use excel to keep track of points and the students have to wait til we send out point updates to know their place on the list. We want to switch to a database where the database is updated automatically at the end of the every event and we don't have to send out point updates. So, I need some help as to what kind of database I should use.

    I think I am posting in the right place, but let me know if I should post elsewhere.


    P.S. - you can probably figure out that we are amateur students trying to do this.

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    Don't the tarheels have a computer department?

    UNC News - Electronics institute honors five computer scientists

    In do you update the data btw? Handheld scanners?

    You can get SQL Server Express for Free

    Or you could use M$ Access

    Or, mySQL for that matter

    It's more of a matter of how you TALK to the database and when

    It's a Great Day for America everybody!

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    The physical order of data in a database has no meaning.

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