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    Unanswered: User db connected to other dbs?

    I'm working on a new database project which will probably have several databases (maybe up to 10) with user activity of various kinds. The info in these databases will not be related, except for the users themselves that should have access to all databases.

    I guess that sites like eBay have solved this in some clever way. My question is how they've done it. On eBay you have an American, a German and an Italian listing of auctions (for example). But I - as a member - only have one account.

    Are they syncing the user tables in each database or is there a central user database? Or how have they done it?

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    if you are using MySQL then explicitly identify the database. providing each database is hosted on the same server then you can refer to the db as part of the column defintion


    the other way of doing it is to have one monolithic db, but have a column which identifies which sub set this data belongs to
    taking your ebay example you could use a countryID to limit rows to a specific country

    of the two approaches the latter would be the smartest as it means any new countries added means that ne additional developer resource is needed, whereas a db per country woudl require addititional developer time per new country
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