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    Unanswered: Resize report to A3

    So I'm stumped. I can't work out out what I'm doing wrong and as I can't really find anything on the net, the only thing left to assume is that I'm an idiot.

    I have a report (a calendar view report which I found on these wonderful forums) which is currently setup A4 portrait, I'm trying to set it up to print landscape A3. I've gone to design view ---> page setup ---> changed to landscape A3, which when I print, prints in A3, however the report does not automatically re-size. I have auto re-size property set to yes, I also have fit to page property set to yes, but both of those settings have no effect.

    I thought auto re-sizing would be a pretty basic thing, what am I missing?


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    there's limits to waht you can expect 'auto sizing' to do for you.
    having created the report as A4 the controls will be sized for A4 printing. effectively you have told access that you want this report to be pronted on A3 paper, thats all. so the report generator will use that paper size when it works out if a new page is used.

    short of doing some clever VBA to alter controls on the fly on the forms load event you need to place the controls where you want them to suit an A3 layout.

    being the bitter twisted cynic I am, I'd suggest you copy the old A4 report to a new report and modify that for A3 layout, retaining the A4 just in case someone decides they don't want A3 or the A3 printer is bolluxed next time you want to print.

    resize and replace the controls where you want them.
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    Thanks Healdem, I was hoping I could avoid doing that but oh well.

    Thanks for saving me countless google searches!

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