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Thread: mysql problem

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    Unanswered: mysql problem

    im looking to rewrite this, the logic is sound but using an OR operator slows the query right down

    ...))) OR (datafeed_id...

    is there any other way of writing this to avoid the OR.


    $bansql = " AND (datafeed_id not in (select merchant_id from merchant_cat_ban_list_t where (

    websiteid=".$projectid." and

    IF(merchant_cat_ban_list_t.merchant_category_name <>'', merchant_cat_ban_list_t.merchant_category_name = products.category, (merchant_cat_ban_list_t.merchant_category_name ='' or merchant_cat_ban_list_t.merchant_category_name is null)) and

    IF(merchant_cat_ban_list_t.category_id <>'', merchant_cat_ban_list_t.category_id='".$_GET['id']."', (merchant_cat_ban_list_t.category_id ='' or merchant_cat_ban_list_t.category_id is null))

    ))) OR (datafeed_id in (select merchant_id from merchant_cat_white_list_t where (

    websiteid=".$projectid." and

    merchant_cat_white_list_t.category_id='".$_GET['id']."' and

    merchant_cat_white_list_t.merchant_category_name = products.category


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    alternate strategy is to use a UNION, where the two SELECTs retrieve the two sides of the OR | @rudydotca
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