Hi all,

I want to make statistics of visited photos in my website. Each month I need to know how many people has visited each photo in order to make comparisons.

If I save the data in a file, each visitor one line:

When I process the file I'll consider a new visitor when IPs are different or there is a difference of time of 5 minutes in case they are the same (Different members of the same family from the same comptuer etc..)

If I save the data in a table (named imagevisitors) of the database instead of saving in a file, will be faster for the user to load the page? In case of many visitors of my images, then searching in my database in a different table of imagevisitors will be slower (Because data needs to be saved for several months or even years)?

Which is the best way to implement it?

In anycase, I think I'll read it with a local application from my computer which only takes the data from the file or database and show it in local, so I don't use resources from server.

Thank you very much,