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    Unanswered: Danish Characters problem in MS Access query

    Hi everyone,

    i'm having some difficulties with 1 of my MS Access Query and i urgently need to solve them.

    I use a query, feeded from some .txt files and after i run it, i see that it doesn't show Danish Characters ( ) correctly: it displays strange characters instead.
    i'd like to mention also that in the .txt files the characters are displayed correctly.

    Can anyone help please? I'm also attaching the screenshot.

    LE: I'm using MS Office 2010 on Windows 7 Enterprise (64bit)
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    no one really has a clue?

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    its going to be a code page issue
    whether thats down to a specific computer not being interantionalised properly
    or you may need to specifically tell Access to use extended characdter sets
    bear in mind Access dates back to the 1990's and extended charactersets are a relatively recent invention
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