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    Smile Unanswered: how do you make a autocomplete form with a editable subform underneath

    hi i am new to this forum thing and i am making a library database which would be used in a school.
    i need to make a form which allows me to type in the persons id number then the persons profile will come up automatically then underneath there will be the persons book loans in a subform which i dont know how to do

    so the top bit will have the persons details like personid, surname, first name, tutor group and then below there would b a subform with fields in from two different tables like from the book table there will be author surname, author firstname, bookname then from the loan table there will be the date the book was loaned field

    the subform would also have to let me edit it so that i can add new loans or remove loans which i also dont know how to do but i was thinking if i had to add new records of the book would the subform have to autocomplete too? to save time typing all the details of the book

    so so far i have made the tables added some test data and made relationships between the tables

    a person can have many loans
    a book can have one loan

    i think there is something to do with queries to make this whole thing work but i am totally lost what i have to do, ive been reading some forum posts which are similar about autocomplete forms which i have done but it wont work when i do it with the problem i have

    sorry that this is so long winded but please help!!!!

    i understand that my question isnt exactly very clear, im not that good at explaining things but please help!

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    As I can understand you, you need to populate a LINK CHILD FEILDS
    and LINK MASTER FIELDS properties (for subform).
    Look at attachment (word, zip). I think it is the problem.
    Also, I think, PERSON must bi on side 1 and BOOK must be on side many.
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