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    Unanswered: Code Table Database

    I am working on a large project that will be web based. We have a good database design but can potentially have 1000's of databases to support customers, yes we are looking into multi-tenant design, but until then I am wondering if we created a database that would support all our system type tables, like zip_code, etc. There are over 120 tables that could be migrated to the 'common' database.

    Would it be worth the time as I am thinking yes? Although there would need to be quite a bit of code to modify, connect 'common' database, etc the real benefits would be in the upgrades where would have one database to update with code tables?

    Just asking for opinions.

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    Definitely migrate the data. Maintaining and managing one is a thousand times better than maintaining and managing a thousand.

    As a kludge, create views in the tenant databases that reference the migrated tables that are now in the common database. These views should allow you code to be left unchanged for now. The kludge needs to be considered depricated and should eventually be removed, but now you can do that at your leisure instead of having to have it completed "right now" for this release.

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