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    Unanswered: ERD question

    Good day

    I’m new to databases and I’ve been asked to make a database for following problem:

    Boards (including recorders) are installed with farmers in their farm(s). The boards send data, the data should be supervised by the farmers themselves and by the advanced users (vets, installers, engineers, etc) who have enough rights to see this data and are responsible for this farmer in particular. The important thing is that the right data should be visible to the right people. So a vet should be able to see his farmers and the data for these farmers. I’ve made following ERD, please give me some feedback because I’m new to this.

    note: Board is a mini-computer
    note: MySQL workbench doesn’t allow inheritance (for farmer, adv user and admin to User (supertype), User should be abstract.

    The ERD:

    Thanks, your help is appreciated.

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    I'm sorry, the actual ERD might be useful:

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