Hi guys,

I'm getting an IPC error when I try to start apply program . Log file shows :

2012-04-20- <Asnenv:setEnvIpcQRcvHdl> ASN0592I "Apply" : "APPLYMAX" : "Initial" The program attached to the IPC queue with keys "(0x30000034)".
2012-04-20- <Asnenv:setEnvIpcQRcvHdl> ASN0596I "Apply" : "APPLYMAX" : "Initial" The program could not create an IPC queue with keys "(0x30000034)" for path "/tmp/maximost.MAXSTG.APPLYMAX.APP.IPC". OSSE reason is "Access denied".
2012-04-20- <Asnenv:setEnvIpcQRcvHdl> ASN0589I "Apply" : "APPLYMAX" : "Initial" The program received return code "-1879048191" from routine "OSSHIPCQueue:create".
2012-04-20- <Asnenv:setEnvIpcQRcvHdl> ASN0507E "Apply" : "APPLYMAX" : "Initial" : The program could not create the replication communications message queue. The program did not terminate for this failure, but the command was not executed.
2012-04-20- <asnThread::stop> ASN0590I "Apply" : "APPLYMAX" : "Initial" The thread "Initial" received return code "0" from the exiting thread "HoldLThread".
2012-04-20- <erWhatSignal> ASN0591I "Apply" : "APPLYMAX" : "HoldLThread" The thread "HoldLThread" received "Handled" signal "SIGUSR2".
2012-04-20- <_asnApply> ASN1097I APPLY "APPLYMAX" : "Initial". The Apply program stopped.

Scenario :
- The apply's id has permission to create files on the directory (I tried it, it works)
- /tmp directory has free space (about 0.9 Gb)
- DB2 level :
DB21085I Instance "maximost" uses "64" bits and DB2 code release "SQL09075"
with level identifier "08060107".
Informational tokens are "DB2 v9.7.0.5", "s111017", "IP23285", and Fix Pack
- AIX level -

Any ideas to fix this issue ??