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    Unanswered: Display image issue

    Hello, quick question.

    I have a simple database more for viewing office materials that have only existed on sheets of paper more than for any real calculating or data storage. What I have currently is a form, that makes a series of calculations and displays a derived value based on user input. The form does the math eliminating the users need to go back and forth to a calculator. Once the value is derived they then click on another form to look up data related to that value. This is a one shot deal, no tables and nothing is stored. The users enter a value, tab to the next. Calculations are made from the text box control source. Some fields autofill after the tab, including the end value.

    What I want to do, is simple, place an image of an arrow pointing to the button to open the next form they have to refer to. I want this arrow to be invisible until the end value field has data. Once this end value has data, I want the arrow to display. I know it isn't hard, but I am far from an access guru. Any help from the real guru's would be appreciated

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    I believe you will find that your "Arrow" object has a .Visible property.
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