Hello all, I have a report that compiles some production numbers for my associates, and has a few graphs on it as well. At the bottom I have some labels and then blank space. The purpose is so when a manager wants to shadow one of the associates they print the report and use the blank space to fill in information about the associate, and use the production numbers on the top of the report to guide what areas they want to pay attention to. They are now requesting that this form be held in a database where they can store past reports and electronically fill in the data. I created a form where they can fill out the blank sections but when I combine it to the report with the production number is show the current numbers instead of what the number were when the form was filled out. How can I make it show the same numbers it showed at the time the information was input, for example, I run the production numbers for associate A today, fill out the form based on my observations, save, and then next month I want to compare the report that was ran today with what the current numbers are showing. Making any sense? I think I need to somehow add the report to the form they are filling out and get it to auto fill fields in the table but am lost as to how to do that.