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    Unanswered: DB2 9.5 to 9.7 migration issue..

    I took a backup of a db from DB2 linux version 9.5 to a 9.7 server. After the restore command I got the following error.

    SQL2519N The database was restored but the restored database was not upgraded
    to the current release. Error "-1" with tokens
    "/opt/IBM/db2/db2inst1/sqllib/bnd/db2spcat.bnd " is

    I have searched and sqlcode sql0001n means

    For reasons specified in the previous messages, the bind or precompile request was unsuccessful.

    No package is created.

    I have searched all over but i can't find a way to resolve it?? Help

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    On your current 9.5 system, do an db2rbind to rebind all packages (see manual for exact syntax required to rebins all packages). Check the output and see if there are any bind errors. You may have some pacakges that will not bind on your old system (maybe some old SP's), so obviously they are not going to bind on the new one either.
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