LiveDoco is a MS SQL Server database documentation tool/extended properties editor implemented as an ASP.NET MVC 3 application.

It is a web-browser based interface to your database's metadata that can be used to:

  • Explore and document DB's structure
  • Search in DB object names and descriptions (extended properties)
  • Export extended properties as SQL scripts
  • Export DB's structure as XML
  • Generate custom text/scripts/source code from DB metadata

It connects to the database being documented and renders HTML doc pages directly from the database's metadata. All comments/notes are stored as "MS_Description" extended properties (the standard way).

LiveDoco is ideal for exploring "ugly databases" if you know what I mean In fact that was one of the main reasons I wrote it.
More on LiveDoco philosophy and goals here

Click here for LiveDoco online demo (read only)

Free 30 days trial available. You can use it in your work if you like.
Charitable organisations and bloggers/web site owners who wish to write an article about LiveDoco are eligible for free licenses.

Any comments/suggestions/criticism are most welcome.