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    I want to learn database programming

    Hello, I want to learn database Programming. But where and how to start?

    The type of database application I want to develop is something that can run super shops, saloons, movie rental services and office management programs.

    Actually, I found MS access can do maximum of what I want, but the bad part is I don't like its interface and it doesn't look unique( you have to open ms access all the time to enter into database).

    My application will allow user to enter data from different computers in LAN and update automatically. Its report might contain pictures as well as graphs. There would be print option too.

    Database part is totally new to me, previously I've just worked on algorithms in C++ and doing programming contests(Like ACM, IOI). Is mixing VB with access a good choice? If so, it would be better for me as I can work on access a little bit.

    What other languages those mix with access?

    Please suggest me a total guideline from start to be capable of making such kind of application.And kindly suggest me an easy process which can be learnt quickly by me. It would be nice if you can mention the learning resources too.

    Why quickly? As I want to keep myself on algorithms and do a part time job in a database company or form myself a little one to support my tuition fees.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Same question for me I want to learn more about MySQL but dunno how if you find any help please PM me

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