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    Talking How to Find a Perl Programmer in Sacramento

    Are there Perl-specific programmer job posting sites? I want to hire a Perl programmer in the Sacramento area, but can't locate any via the traditional means. Thank you!

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    First step would be to post this in the correct part of the forum; thread moved to Job Opportunities
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    So you need the Perl programmer to sit in Sacramento, visit Sacramento, or be able to do work in Sacramento? Do you need an expert, a professional, or just someone who can write Perl? Those two lists start with outrageously expensive and almost impossible to find, then work down to moderately expensive and readily available. If you want a PerlMonger to sit in Sacramento, you are probably looking at five digit numbers per week. If you want a moderately talented Perl user that can work remotely, you might be able to find one for a three digit number per week. You probably have a number of price choices in between.

    If you can give me a better idea of what you want in terms of Perl skills and Sacramento residency, I can probably steer you in a more appropriate direction for finding a person that can help you.

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