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    Hi all,

    I have an invoice/customer database. I am trying to make it so that when I open the menu from start, it will load the next InvoiceID, which is an autonumber datatype, also the PK.
    My main tables include Customers, inventory, invoice, invoicerows. They are all linked with the appropriate relationships.

    The invoice form itself has an invoicerows form inside of it. This let me choose individual items and set the quantity, giving me a $$ total. I am trying to make it so that once an invoicerow selects an item, a new invoiceID will generate, as well as when I open the main form new, as stated above. Of course I would then have a save button to save it to that customer once the desired items i selected. Once save it clicked, I would need it to clear the invoicerows and get ready to perform the cycle again.

    much help is appreciated. If it helps, I can send the database to you via email.
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