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    Unanswered: archecker Restoration problem

    Hi All,

    I am facing a table level restoration issue of restoring a missing table from L0 backup. Our databases sysmaster, Sysadmin ,sysuser and Sysutils have dbs_collate en_US.819. The rest of the Production databases (with the target restoration database) have dbs_collate en_US.57372.

    When I try to restore this particular table archecker complains as 'the connection failed Error 23197 database locale info mismatch'.

    I set both DB_LOCALE and CLIENT_LOCALE enviornment variables to en_US.819 but archecker complained about the same error. (We are using IDS 11.70.FC4W1GE) .

    Any idea to sort this issue?



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    I had the same issue. It turned out to be the block size of the L0 Backup. In the AC_Config file I had identified the block size as 32k. In my case the database was 16k block sizes. Once I made the correction in the AC_Config file this error went away.

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