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    Unanswered: changing instance owner

    I have an instance created with db2inst2 username and have another instance with db2inst1 username. I want to make db2inst1 instance owner of both instances. how can I do that.

    I am running db2 9.7 linux. I know it has something to do with the .profile file or the db2profile file. but not sure which and what to change.

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    A db2-instance owner account cannot own another different db2-instance.
    However, one instance-owner can (if so permitted) have administrative rights over databases contained within other db2-instances.

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    If you really need all the databases to be in the same instance (with a single instance owner) you can uncatalog the databases from one of the instances and recatalog them in the other instance. You might want to change the ownership of the file paths associated with the databases right after you uncatalog them so they are owned by the new instance. See Command Reference for more info on cataloging a database that is located on a path (and no longer catalogued anywhere else).
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