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    Unanswered: Sports Team Registration Database

    Hi everyone, I need some help:

    I would to make a (What I believe to be) a Database for Athletes/Club Members Registration for a Sports Club. It should be very much like a Gym Management software, where you enter Person's name, photo, age, etc. and you have a list of all the Club Members.
    We are currently using an Excel Sheet to put all the informations together, but it's really ugly and not quite easy to use.

    Additionally, it would be interesting to have financial information, like when the Member did or did not pay the Monthly Membership, Federation Fees, etc. Further more, a financial balance of all the income on those Monthly Memberships.

    So, I would like some help on where to start. I'm a total Newbie on these Database Matters, but I learn quick from Internet Articles and such, I just wanted a shortcut on what I'm looking for on the web instead of trying to learn complex stuff I won't actualy use.

    So, it's a simple Database/Software, that looks like a Gym Management Software, just to control the Athelete's/Member's registrations.

    Oh, and I'm not completely sure that mySQL is the proper software to do what I want, so a little help would be nice.

    Thank you all!

    PS: Sorry if I posted on the wrong area or if it's too stupid/newbie doubt.
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