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    Unanswered: Paradox 9 Running Slow


    We have been using a Paradox 9 for a year and are now experiencing problems with the database.

    Initially, it was designed for a small amount of users to uses. As the project has grown more users are accessing it (about 45) who are continously entering information. One group of users use one account.

    The programmer who developed this has now left the company and travels under his new employment which makes support for this very difficult.

    The issues that we are having is that it is taking about 2 hours to enter a small amount of information. It has also had issues where orphaned records were appearing and causing the system to close when clicking on them (this has now been resolved).

    We have moved the database onto a cloned SQL Server but stripped away anti-virus, group policies etc and we are still having the same issues, so we know its not the internal I.T. Infrastructure that is causing the problem.

    We are currently using BDE version

    Has anyone had similar problems that could help in regards to this?

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    technical issues should be discussed on the 'paradox community" web site, because that's where all the paradox folks hang out.. I'm the only one here

    Home - Paradox Community

    however, with the small amout of info provided, be prepared for MANY questions..
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    Thank you


    Thank you for replying...I will post it on the paradox community site now...


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