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    Unanswered: Is Access the correct tool for this job?

    Before attempting to create an access database, I would like some professional opinions on whether this is the best tool for the task or suggestions on better options. I have Access 2007 available.

    I have a list of 200+ employees who worked in 40+ locations for a period of 6 months. The employees incurred expenses (lodging & per diem). The employees also utilized equipment (list of over 100 items) at the locations. The employee pay rate varied based on their classifcation and a single employee could have up to 4 classifications.

    I need to prepare a report for each location showing the employee, hours worked at that location, expenses and equipment usage and total cost for each date. The expenses and equipment usage may be prorated because the employee could have worked at multiple locations on any day. The report would also need to show if the hours were regular time or overtime and the classification per hour.

    IF Access is good for this project, is there a templete that would be a good start?

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    Maybe I'm preaching against my faith, but I would say that it depends on several factors, mainly:
    a) Are you skilled in using Access (or ready to spend the time to learn)?
    b) Is the report a recurring demand or a one-shot?

    If the first answer is "no" and the second is "one-shot", then Excel seems to be a better choice: you'll get results more quickly and more easily.

    In any other cases, Access is worth trying.
    Have a nice day!

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    While this is the type of application that Access was made for, as Sinndho suggested, this is not an application that can be done by an Access novice! And the fact that you had to ask this question would seem to support the supposition that this is your status.

    The idea that 'anyone can create an Access database,' perpetuated by Microsoft's marketing department, is simply not true! Sure, a novice can sit down and run up, with some effort, a database to track membership in the local ladies garden club, with members' demographic information, who has paid their dues and who served on what committees, but the business needs you've laid down here are going to require a very major undertaking, one that would take a seasoned Access developers quite a while to complete.

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    Hope this helps!

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