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    Unanswered: generating calculated data with loop function?

    I'll do my best to explain this but it certainly has me stumped! I've been asked to create a report which provides the following data:

    provider|ID|service date|service hours|process date

    this would be a monthly report with rows identifying the hours of service per day for each provider, for each authorized day of a chosen month and year (or date field).

    the database does not track hours of service per day. I need to calculate the Service Hours per day as: monthly client payment + client contribution divided by hourly rate divided by days of service per month

    Can anyone help provide some code to accomplish this task? I'm assuming I have to create a loop which stops on the number in column Days of Service per Month in order to create a row for each authorized day of the month (starting with the 1st of the month) up to and including the number. I hope that makes sense!
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    You do not need a loop for that, you can perform this kind of computations in a query.
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    appologies for my confusing question. It was not clearly asked by any means!
    I am trying to generate a report that creates rows based on a number in field "days of service per month". So if in the month of february a client had 10 in "days of service per month" the report would create 10 rows for that client that would have other data pulled in associated with that client. Is this still possible without a do/loop function?

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