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    Question Unanswered: Help with data entry into timecard form - DateAdd function?

    Have created a simple database to track hours worked. We track hours worked per day by work code (lots of codes). Currently use Excel to enter time. They enter time and then print it out to save but now they would like to be able to query or create reports based on the hours worked. I suggested it should be put into an Access database but I am not now, nor ever was an Access expert (far from it!). Limited experience with it and haven’t really used it in some time. Last used version 2003 but am now using Access 2007. I managed to set the database up so I can print out reports that closely resemble the Excel reports while keeping the data in Access so we can pull needed reports. Problem is what I have set up works but it causes a lot of extra data entry by having to enter the date worked field on each line. I added a week start date in the time card table hoping to tie that into the time card details subform and have it populate the work date field with the DateAdd function to add Monday through Sunday dates on the form so you could just tab through and add the hours but can’t seem to find the correct way to do this. Is this possible? jpg of form attached.
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