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    Unanswered: Copy and Paste issue Excel 2007

    I am having a problem when using the copy and paste commands in Excel 2007. When I use the copy command (cell containing a formula), the cell does not "highlight" as you would expect. I then try to paste and it pastes only the value not formula. If I choose Paste Special. it only give the options of text and Unicode; not the normal Value, Formula, etc.
    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    People have been flagging this issue on many of the Excel forums. If you're the same as them then the problem is being caused by the Skype Click To Call browser add-in. There's a new release which fixes the problem; you can find it here:

    Skype - Skype Garage blog - Skype Click to Call fix for Office Copy & Paste problem now available

    Hope that helps...

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    Ms Tan

    Hi! i had the same problem as Clinel. I followed Colin Legg's advise and i got it fixed. Man.... i would have tried to uninstall and install. Thanks to your post. i got it fixed. Thanks a great deal.

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